I know, I know it’s been a while… but I’m back now! From Australia! Here’s a little anecdote from my travels…
Australians like their chips. Seriously. In fact they have both cold and hot ones. What we British call “crisps”, they call “chips”. But “chips” are still “chips”, albeit “hot chips”. As I was pondering about this, I thought of our American friends who call them “fries”, and sometimes “French fries” (let’s not go down the “freedom fries” path). But, what do they call “crisps”? “Chips” I believe. Anyway, as I was discussing this with an American friend, whilst enjoying some seriously healthy fish and chips in Hobart, Tasmania (Flippers, apparently THE place for FnC), he told me that although Americans call their chips “fries”, when they have fish and chips, they call them “chips”!
Fancy that!
And on that light note, I’m going to leave you with a few potato-related expressions:
- Cheap as chips (my personal favourite)
- The old couch potato, and its derivatives mouse potato, beach potato, etc
- A cow chip!
- When the chips are down
- Not to mention the hot potato!

And two French ones for the road:
- Ça va? La Frite?
- En avoir gros sur la patate.