Short-winded is how any written form in English should be. (In the sense of ‘brief and succinct’, not out of breath!)
When translating from French to English, one is often tempted to copy French structure. Oh, how wrong! The French language loves convoluted, complicated and long-winded ways of saying something. Reading French can be a labyrinthine adventure in itself: you explore paths taking you through enchanted forests, trek up and down mysterious mountains, swim across roaring rivers, slay dangerous dragons, rescue pretty princesses, to finally reach the meaning of what is being said and realize that it was something quite simple really. English prefers the short and sweet version. Straight to the point! Less is more. And if it’s really that complicated, break it down into several sentences. It’s simpler and much easier to read, especially if it isn’t your mother tongue.
So, let’s all strive to become “masters of short-windedness”!