Multimedia translations encompass the translation of websites, newsletters, blogs, and so on. I work in several stages: a meeting with the clients to assess their needs and wants, a rapid response with a price and deadline estimate, and finally the translation process. Naturally, if the client is not fully satisfied or wants to change certain things, I am ready to negotiate.

I guarantee responsiveness, seriousness, professionalism and confidentiality by:
• Identifying and adapting to a client’s needs, in terms of what they want, who they are addressing, what they want to highlight, or promote.
• Communicating with the client, either face to face, over the telephone, by email or videoconference. This stage is primordial to ensure a full, proper understanding of the subject and the web project.
Once the subject is fully mastered and any hesitation removed, we will proceed to the translation step. The duration of this stage varies depending on the subject, the necessary research, the specificity and size of the project. Then comes another exchange phase: I suggest a first draft to the client that he can approve, criticize and/or modify.